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Upcoming litters


Puppy Deposits

All deposits are non- refundable and will transfer to the next litter if there is not a puppy you desire in the current litter.

Please call to place a deposit on our next litter of labradoodles or Goldendoodles. Labradoodles expected in January. Goldendoodles expected in May.

Labradoodle puppies are  $2500

Goldendoodle puppies are $3000

Mini Labradoodles and Goldendoodles $3500

All deposits are $500. Remainder due at pick up. 

deposits may be placed through Cash App, Zelle, or Vemo.

Image by Jay Wennington

Puppie Info

Please make sure that a Doodle puppy is right for you!

All puppies take time and training, we do NOT want any of our puppies ending up in a shelter! Doodles require grooming and maintenance to keep their coats fluffy and detangled. Haircuts must be done at least every two months to ensure they continue to stay untangled.


Our puppies will come with

  • Their first puppy trim

  • At least 4 baths

  • Nails Trimmed

  • First and second set of puppy shots

  • Eating dry food

Image by FLOUFFY
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