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Welcome to Windfall Godendoodles!

I'm Ashley and I am the proud owner of Windfall Goldendoodles. I have been breeding doodles since 2018. Our doodles are health tested before they are ever bred for genetic diseases. We also do heart testing to ensure that our dogs have sound and healthy hearts before breeding.



We invite you to visit us for grooming tips on your doodles.

Please feel free to set up a time to get your doodle groomed with a 1 on 1 with me so you may learn proper ways to groom your doodle to keep those pesky matts out of your pets hair! 

All your Doodles needs in one place:
  • Info on training experts

  • Grooming

  • Grooming Advice (at  home care)

  • Health of your puppy

  • Adding a puppy to your family

  • Crate Training

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